An Authentic Cuisine

Professional gastronomy team shows the Mexican culture heritage through the techniques and the different flavors from the emblematic places of Mexico. Located in La Cruz de Huanacaxtle.

What does Xoklo mean?

The name comes from the word "choclo", used in most places of Mesoamerica to refer to corn.

For the ancient Mexicans, corn was the material with which humankind was created.

This is how at XOKLO, we promote the indigenous culture richness by bringing back the typical flavors of our beautiful Mexico

Our Values


We work hard so that our flavours break down borders.


We are aware that by doing things better every day, we improve as professionals.


Our greatest strength, beyond any doubt, is that being united allow us to offer a better service.

Gastronomy Passion

A unique contemporary cuisine restaurant, with authentic Mexican ingredients from different areas of Mexico.

Without  a doubt, a gourmet culinary experience that you cannot miss!


In XOKLO we care about your opinion

+52 322 150 7097


+52 322 150 7097

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